Welcome Truman’s Tank RAW Pilsner

Posted Thu 31 August 2017 | Big Chill

From tank to tap, the freshest local Pilsner in East London has landed at Big Chill Bar, we are all very excited to welcome Truman’s Tank PAW Pilsner to the craft beer family.

Where Big Chill Bar now stands, used to be home to one of the great names in British Brewing, so it seemed only right that our latest collaboration be with Truman’s iconic East London Brewer.

The crisp and smooth kolsch-style beer is served directly from two large and beautifully crafted copper tanks which sit proudly above the central bar.

The RAW condition of the Pilsner ensures that no flavours or aromas are stripped out during the brewing process. Being unpasteurised and unfiltered means the beer is still alive and continues to mature and develop in flavour. Truman’s Tank RAW Pilsner is full-bodied with a silky-smooth mouthfeel and recognisable notes of light honey suckle and biscuit, transferred directly from the brewery, the beer arrives to us at Big Chill Bar within minutes of leaving Hackney Wick where it is then served fresh to you, our lovely customers.


The Pilsner’s clean and subtle notes make it a perfect food pairing option with our delicious selection of tacos and Bar snacks.

We’ll let you into a little secret, to celebrate the launch of Truman’s Tank RAW we are giving away free pints of the fresh and local Pilsner TONIGHT (Thursday 31 August) between 4pm – 8pm. All you need to do is quote RAW when ordering at the bar  so we’ll be seeing you all at Big Chill Bar later today!

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