The BC Challenge!

Posted Wed 19 July 2017 | Big Chill

Say hello to Big Chill’s Burger Challenge!

Every Wednesday at Big Chill House, King’s Cross, we invite you to take on our BC Burger. If you are yet to experience this, where have you been? It is a double Angus beef patty loaded with American cheese, streaky bacon, chorizo & bacon jam, caramelised onion and smothered with our special Big Chill mayo. The burger is BIG, so getting through this monster may sound like a challenge in itself, but oh no the real test is whether or not you can finish this bad boy, plus a side of fries in under 2 minutes!


What’s in it for you, we hear you ask. If you succeed, your meal is on the House and your name goes up on our ‘Burger Wall Of Fame,’ so basically you have made it in life. If you fail, you will have to pay the full menu price of £12.50 and your pride may take a little bit of a knock, but look on the bright side, you would have just enjoyed a super delicious dish, so every cloud.


If you are tempted but thinking this is impossible, Eating Challenges Andrey is living proof that the challenge is achievable. He recently took it on becoming the first person to complete in a very impressive time of 1 minute 56 seconds, you can read up on his experience here, he shares how finger licking good the burger is plus his top tips on how to beat the clock.



No one is yet to beat Adrian’s time, so you could be next. If you fancy having a go at the food challenge, or why not nominate a friend or colleague, get yourselves on down to Big Chill House.

So on your marks, get steady, eat!

Big Chill House’s Burger Challenge takes place every Wednesday.