Nook, Cranny & Snug

Nook & Cranny

Capacity: 25 (approx)

If you are looking for an intimate space to host a small gathering, then look no further than our Nook and Cranny. The mezzanine spaces are elevated over the dance floor providing a bird’s eye view to all the frolics below. With their comfortable sofas, dim lighting and cosy atmosphere they are the ideal spots for all those pre-party catch ups.


Capacity: 30 (approx)

Or for those of your looking to be that bit closer to the party action, our Snug is the area for your. With its private booths, styles decor and direct access to the dance floor and bar, it is the ultimate way to enjoy a night out with friends.

There is a £50 hire fee charge to use our Nook, Cranny and Snug, please get in touch for further info.