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Posted Tue 24 October 2017 | Big Chill

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Polar Monkeys are taking over Big Chill Bar this week. We took some time out with their Group Craft Beer Business Director Lars Mejlgaard to talk all things craft beer.



BC: So what was the reason for starting Polar Monkeys?

PM: Our good colleagues up north, at our Finnish brewery in Lahti, identified a need for a beer brand with an easygoing, uncomplicated approach to beer and beer enjoyment, inspired by the attitude and style of the US Craft breweries.

BC: Who’s the team behind the brand?

PM: Danish brew master Anders Kissmeyer, 2 Finnish creatives and 1 French immigrant (David Traclet moved to Finland many years ago).

BC:  Why Polar Monkeys over other craft beers currently available?

PM: It’s a very well brewed, straight forward style craft beer with an easy going attitude.

BC: What excites you about the younger craft beer brands starting up right now?

PM: The out of the box and no restraints approach is really exciting.

BC: What do you think is unique about brewing in Finland?

PM: We actually brew Polar Monkeys both in Denmark and Finland, due to the growing interest of the brand, it also ensures that the brew master’s creativity travels across borders and breweries. Our brew masters in both countries are extremely skilled and proud of their craft.


Polar Monkeys Beer Of The Week


BC: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in brewing beer?


  1. Learn from someone in the business and have lots of patience! You’ll not be an expert brewer overnight.
  2. Keep it simple! Start with simple recipes based on extracts. Then move on to grain when you’re in full control of extract brewing.
  3. Be ridiculously meticulous with cleaning and sanitization – what is needed to keep your beers clean is way, way much more work in this area that you’ll ever dream of!
  4. Become a member of the AHA ( – a forum where you’ll be able to get all the inspiration and help you can imagine.
  5. Buy either or all of ‘How To Brew’, ‘Designing Great Beers’ or ‘The Homebrewers’ Companion’.

BC: What does the future hold for Polar Monkeys?

PM: A very interesting one, we take each opportunity as we go, and we will continue to try and spread joy and beer inspiration along the way.

Catch the Polar Monkey’s team at Big Chill Bar this Thursday 26th October for freebies and 2-4-1 beer! To check out what other craft beers we have available take a look at our menu here.


Polar Monkeys Beer Of The Week