Big Chill take on The Crystal Maze

Posted Tue 1 November 2016 | Big Chill

This week Big Chill HQ, House and Bar got the chance to make childhood dreams come true by taking on The Crystal Maze.

We met at Big Chill House and prepped with a few cocktails, before making our way up Pentonville Road to the Maze.

On arrival we split into teams and donned c. 1993 blue, red, green and orange bomber jackets. Each team was locked in a room, where we were transported back in time with a montage of all the best shows of the 90s, before being greeted by our Maze Master.


We nominated a team Captain, vice-captain (in case the captain gets locked in and discussed strategy before being led down a ladder into the realm of the unknown.

The Maze was just how we remembered it from the TV show, there was a total of 4 zones: Aztec, Futuristic, Medieval and industrial. We had just 15 minutes, within each, to complete as many tasks, which ranged from physical, mental, skill and mystery, and collect as many crystals as possible. We ran from room-to-room, climbed spider webs, scrambled around in sand and wiggled under lasers.

At the end of the four zones each team’s crystals were counted; as a collective Big Chill managed to pick up a grand total of 30. Each crystal determines how long the teams have within the famous dome, to collect the all-important golden tickets – let us tell you, the TV makes this look easy, but it is not, it’s actually really hard!

After a lot of dilemmas and deliberation (two teams were disqualified for picking up tickets from the floor, this was not allowed and Big Chill does not condemn cheating) the winner was announced!

We posed for team pictures before agreeing that after all the exertion a well-deserved cocktail or two was in order so we made our way back to Big Chill House.

All in all, it was an amazing experience and fun to be transported back to the 90s – if you are a fan of this era do not miss our ‘That’s So 90s Takeover at Big Chill House on Saturday 26 November. For more information click here, it’s going to be mega!