Explain That Gram – Chris P Cuts

Posted Thu 4 January 2018 | Big Chill

Continuing on from our recent interview with Big Chill Brick Lane’s resident  DJ and new Music Programmer, Chris P Cuts, we followed up with a little extra slice of fun. 

BC: Having taken inspiration from a Big Chill favourite Hot Ones, [check it out if unfamiliar] segment called “Explain That ‘Gram,” we’ve been checking out your Instagram and have selected a number of pics at random that we’d like you to tell us more about.



CPC: This is me with one of the best rappers in the UK – Melanin 9. Serious talent, a real man, nothing fancy just hard images of wickedness and crime in a big cityscape. I approached this guy years back and said “Yo I want to work with you,” and we went from there! Here we are out in Brussels, we’re working on a European tour to promote his new release ‘Old Pictures’ early 2018 as a double header with Confucius MC who put out a great release this year called “The Artwork”.

Check the projects here. Artistry and vision beyond belief.













CPC: 4am, Tisno Croatia. I used to tour with Iron Man! Big shout out to Jonathon!

Love you bro, this was a great festival. I was lucky enough that Amelia at Put Me On It took me out there, thank you!! This wasn’t Jonathon’s only outfit, he had a different one for everyday of the fest.














CPC: This is the Alaska Studio snake! You’ve gotta have a snake in the studio. End of, can’t make music with out one!
















BIG shout out to Chris for giving us a further insight into your life! Keep up to date with all the DJs and goings on at Big Chill Brick Lane on our Facebook and give Chris a follow here.