Meet the Big Chill Team – Chris P Cuts

Posted Mon 18 December 2017 | Big Chill

As Big Chill Bar’s new Music Programmer, resident DJ Chris P Cuts sat down with us for a chat about music, festivals, London cultures and loads more. Here’s what he had to say …




BC: So you have been DJing at Big Chill Bar for 4 years now and have recently joined the team as their music programmer [welcome], what excites you most about this new role?

CPC: Thank you! I think I’m most excited about a little control and influence! Finding the right sound for the venue and programming a consistent level of great music, fun DJ’s and acts. Big Chill Bar has a knowledgeable and diverse music crowd and I’m here to make them smile!


BC: You’ve played many a festival, including Glastonbury, any crazy stories that you can share?

CPC: I’ve been lucky enough to be on stages and in DJ booths at a few festivals yes. I work on live production with artists and feature in a number of touring bands. To be honest, it’s all just a crazy story, artist / DJ confidential agreements stop me from saying anything else though!


BC: You’ve got to travel all over the world from DJing, was there a country or place that you visited and were completely surprised by?

CPC: Very surprised by a trip earlier this year to Russia. I met so many like-minded beautiful people, what a place to go, I will be back in 2018 for sure.


BC: You are good friends with Big Chill Bar’s resident DJ BobaFatt, if you guys were to play a back-to-back set what could we expect to hear?

CPC: BobaFatt is an unsung hero in this DJ game. Technically tight as **** and his passion for music bleeds out over his sets. We should do a back-to-back, I’ll start sorting my records right away! I love it when he draws for Justin. We were going back to back at in Croatia a few years back and he dropped a little NERD Justin medley, went off. Big love to BobaFatt, make sure you get down for one of his Big Chill Bar sets 2nd Friday of every month.


BC: Record Store Day is a big calendar date for Big Chill, as we’re sure it is for you, what other London events out there do you think are pushing culture?

CPC: 2017 has been a good year for many young artists up and down the country which is exciting and refreshing. Check Ezra Collective, Kokoroko, Oscar Jerome, Nubya Garcia, Joe Armon-Jones, Yazmin Lacey, Children Of Zeus, I could go on. London events, Touching Bass, Rhythm Section, Nonsense and Total Refreshment Centre up in Stokey def need a shout out. Big age range, diverse demographic, no judgment and the trueness and respect for the culture. Some serious talented musicians on rotation at these spots too. We are so lucky to be spoilt for choice in London.


BC: You have a monthly show on NTS radio, why do you think we should be championing local London radio stations?

CPC: Radio is accessible for everyone. Go to the site listen and start interacting through the chat rooms or social media and you get to talk directly to DJ’s and artists. I used to be locked into pirate stations and getting your name or text read out is basically like going platinum as a teen. I still get a buzz from getting a shout out. Radio is DIY, its start up business, its local community activity and creates opportunities. It’s a hub for people to connect and feel a part of, the station and the listeners are of equal importance. NTS has been strong for 6 years now, I was so happy when I got offered a show. Please have a listen! It’s the ‘Article Of Fusion’ with Chris P Cuts once a month on a Wednesday.


BC: There are some really great Hip-Hop documentaries out there at the moment, what’s the most recent one you’ve watched and would recommend?

CPC: Yeah Hip Hop is always finding a way to bleed into our lives! It’s a story that needs to be told, check this doc, this is some Hip Hop shit  –


BC: What’s your guilty pleasure song?

CPC: So many, I love and play 80’s pop music! Dazz band – Heartbeat. Classic classic shit! And being Christmas time, no one touches East 17! Bought the cassette from Woolworthsback in the day and still got it.


BC: What can we look forward to from Big Chill Bar music in the future?

CPC: Consistently good cutting edge music from the underground mixed with great accessible music from popular culture. ‘Come Together’ mixed into ‘Redbone’, you know that soundtrack we all need in a packed venue in London one of the greatest cities in the world for music!


BC: And finally, lets finish up on a Big Chill quick fire round:

  • Tacos or chicken wings? Wings
  • Vinyls or trainers? Vinyl.. please don’t get DJ’s started with Vinyls. I have one vinyl, I have lots of vinyl
  • Winter or summer? Summer
  • Whisky or beer? Beer
  • Describe yourself in 3 words … anxious, persistent, lost [haha]


Keep an eye out for what’s coming up at Big Chill Bar here and say what’s up to Chris if you see him around!