A Cocktail How To – Pimms

Posted Fri 24 June 2016 | Big Chill

At last year’s Wimbledon games, spectators consumed a wooping 40,000 pints of Pimms over the two weeks, so with the championships returning for another year on Monday, we thought what better time to share how to perfect the Pimms for this month’s classic cocktail ‘How To,’ – let’s face it on a sunny day there is no drink quite like it.


Fun fact – did you know that Pimm’s is actually a gin-based liquor? Not many people do! The birth of the cocktail dates back to 1859 and was invented by James Pimm, a 19th century London oyster bar owner, who decided that he wanted to offer his clients a ’fruit cup’ which consisted of a mix of spirits, spices and fruit, which we today call Pimms. It’s recognisable by its dark-brown colour with a slight reddish tint and is most commonly served with carbonated mixers such as lemonade, soda or if you are feeling fancy, processco (or any bubbly alternative)  and as a long drink.

The recipe to the liquor itself is top secret with only six lucky people knowing exactly how it is made. We might not be one of these six, but we have plenty of secrets of our our own, one of which being what goes into making the perfect Pimms. So lets get down to business and show you just­ how to make this classic cocktail.



  • Pimms
  • Lemonade
  • Mint leaves
  • Fruit (we suggest a mix of strawberries, cucumber, lemon and orange but anything goes).
  • Cubed ice


Start by placing the mint leaves at the bottom of the glass, don’t forget the all important clap first to release the flavours, this is then followed by your cubed ice. Next add your mix of fruit and a double shot of Pimms. Finish with a top up of lemonade and a really good stir. To complete your creation, garnish your glass with a piece of fruit and there you have it the perfect Pimms classic cocktail.

Now who’s for Pimms O’Clock?

We’ll be screening the Wimbledon Championships at both Big Chill House and Big Chill Bar you can catch all the action on our terrace screens. If you’re interested in more of our ‘How To’ classic cocktail check out our Mojito post – another classic summer cocktail!