A Cocktail How To – Long Island Iced Tea

Posted Fri 22 April 2016 | Big Chill

Let this be a word of warning the Long Island Iced Tea is not a type tea and if this is what you are after when you order at the bar, you are in for a shock. Although it’s colour and taste resembles the non-alcoholic drink, this cocktail packs a punch – comprising five different spirits, typically tequila, vodka, rum, triple sec and gin it is the ultimate party cocktail!


Some say the classic cocktail originated in the 1920s others 1970s, we like to believe that it was the 20s whilst we sip on them in Big Chill House’s Deco Lounge, either way there is is no denying its popularity which is why our cocktail curator Gemma has jumped back behind the bar for the second of our ‘Classic Cocktail’ series. She will be showing you just how easy it is to make this refreshing cocktail at home, all you need is a well stocked spirit cupboard and a good night ahead of you!




The Ingredients …

  • Tequila

  • Vodka

  • Rum

  • Triple Sec

  • Gin

  • Coke

  • Lemon juice

  • Ice


The Directions …

Start by filling your shaker with ice. Next pour all your spirits into the mix along with a splash of lemon juice. Cover and give it a hard shake to make sure all the ingredients are combined and chilled. Then pour the liquid and ice into your glass, top up with a bit of coke and finish off by garnishing with a lemon slice. It really is as simple as that and now all that is left to do is enjoy!


We will be back next month to teach you everything you need to know about the tasty Jamaican Mule and if you missed last month’s ‘How To’ make a Mojito be sure to check it out!