Get to Know our DJs – Come Get Some

Posted Wed 23 March 2016 | Big Chill

Ahead of their Good Friday special, this Easter weekend, we took some time out with Big Chill House’s Friday night residents Come Get Some. We asked Dan and Jon about why they love Big Chill House, what makes them top King’s Cross DJs and how they prepare for a Friday party, here is what they had to say …


BC: Let’s begin with you guys describing a typical Come Get Some Night.

CGS:Good vibes, great music and an amazing crowd. We tend to kick a Friday party off with some classic Hip-Hop & R&B, then keep the dancefloor jumping with House, Garage and other party classics until the lights come up at 3am.

BC: What made you pick Big Chill House, King’s Cross as the venue for your weekly residency?

CGS: Its such a great venue. We both came to the venue a lot for  DJ nights, so it was our first choice to do our own thing. King’s Cross is a great location, the soundsystem is brilliant and the new lighting rig has made the vibe even better. The spacious yet intimate dance floor is great and there are so many other nooks and crannys you can get lost in.

BC: How do you prepare for a Friday night party?

CGS: We perform a clandestine ritual involving live goats, stuffed monkeys, a copy of JustinBieber’sautobiography and copious amounts of dairylea. We dont do it for any other gigs. That would be weird!


BC: What drink do you have waiting for you by the decks?

CGS: Either a spiced rum and pineapple, or a vodka, lime and soda … and ultimately a few pints of water!


BC What’s the strangest song request you have ever received?

CGS: Someone recently asked for “something more modern” when we were playing the brand new Rihanna single (released that week). When pushed for something more specific they answered “Backstreet Boys. Er….?


BC: We had your Mixcloud Winter 2016 mix playing full blast at Big Chill HQ do you have any thoughts on what tracks are going to make it into Spring 2016’s mix?

CGS: Oooooh, you’ll have to wait and see. Not long to go – its out in a few weeks.


BC: What’s your go to song to rescue a dance floor?

CGS: ‘Breathe’ by BluCantrell never fails.More recently, “Sorry” by Justin Bieber gets the crowd screaming, and thats just the boys

BC: When did you start DJing – and what or who were your early passions and influences?

CGS: We’ve both been DJs since the early 90s and massively into the US House and Garage of the time – people like ‘Masters At Work,’ ‘David Morales,’ etc. Along with the classic Funk, Soul and Disco that influenced them …  ‘Roy Ayers,’ ‘Gil Scott Heron,’ etc. Hip-Hop also played a massive part in our early years, so that is a big part of it too. Its interesting to see how much a lot of modern music is still influenced by that 90s vibe – we’ve seen it come full circle.


BC: Describe each other in 3 words….

CGS: Jon on Dan : Derren Brown lookalike. Dan on Jon : Aled Jones aficionado.


BC: And finally if you could only listen to one song ever again what would it be?

CGS: Jon : That is a tough one! I never get bored of Robin S “Show Me Love” but I probably would if I had to listen to it forever! Dan: Easy … “No Diggity by Blackstreet.”

You can catch the Come Get Some guys every Friday night at Big Chill House, the biggest residency in King’s Cross!