Meet the Big Chill Team

Posted Wed 9 March 2016 | Big Chill



Maria Margariti talks cocktails, super powers and why she loves Big Chill Bar, Brick Lane…

Big Chill Bar Maria


BC: Let’s start by describing yourself in three words.

MM: Passionate. Energetic. Crazy.


BC: What do you feel makes Big Chill Bar so unique?

MM: It is not just a ‘bar’ it is an experience, a party, it represents a history of music and we are able to recreate all those

hedonistic feelings that our customers experience at a festival. Our DJs are great, music is a passion of mine and it’s

great that Big Chill Bar shares that with me.


BC: When it’s your turn to party at Big Chill Bar what is your favourite drink?

MM: I always start the night with one of our amazing cocktails, ‘Wray Tings’ is my personal favourite, it is the perfect balance

of sweet and sour. When I am finished with cocktails, I move onto gin and tonics made with Hendrick’s, Fentimans and

two slices of fresh cucumber. I have to admit I wasn’t a gin girl before I started working at the Big Chill and now you

can’t stop me ordering them [laughs].


BC: What is your ​party​trick?

MM: It’s not a party trick as such, more of a tip to help you get in the party mood. Order a shot of tequila, but instead of the

classic lime and salt chaser, ask for a slice of orange topped with a coffee bean … One of these and you’ll be partying

all night long!


BC:If you could have one superpower what would it be?

MM: Invisibility! It’s funny what people say about you when you are not there.


What is your favourite day or night at Big Chill Bar?

I love Sundays, being based in the heart of Brick Lane there is always a nice buzz around the bar. It’s great for venue

hire as there are lots of cosy areas, the lounge is my personal favourite, so I get all my friends together and reserve a

spot there. We’ll start the day with a grilled cheese and coffee (excellent hangover cure), listening to the ambient

sounds of the afternoon DJ, before moving onto cocktails. The party really starts when the evening DJ kicks in, then

you’ll find me on the dancefloor with a G&T in hand until close. Big Chill Bar do Sundays well ­ it’s our thing!


And lastly the all important question can you hula hoop?

Sadly no [sighs].



Stayed tuned over the coming month’s as we profile more of our special team here at Big Chill.